Make Noltrex®Vet part of your joint therapy.

Noltrex has been used in over 1 million humans and Noltrex®Vet has been safely used in horses, in the North America, since 2014.

Noltrex®Vet is not a drug and is reabsorbed safely by your horse’s body, leaving no residue. Ask your vet about Noltrex®Vet today, if your horse:

  • Is demonstrating signs of lameness, at any stage
  • Has a poor response to other joint management therapies
  • Has pre-existing conditions that may impact medication choices (such as Cushing’s disease)
  • Is an athlete that will require joint management over their career
  • Has been diagnosed with cartilage damage

How Noltrex®Vet Works

Noltrex®Vet coats the cartilage with a protective lubricating layer and reduces friction.

  • forms a protective and lubricating layer on the articulating surfaces
  • helps restore and maintain healthy joint function
  • is gradually removed from the joint without residue

View our Method of Action video for a demonstration of how Noltrex®Vet works once injected into the joint space.

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