Using Noltrex®Vet for the Western Performance Horse

The athletic requirements vary significantly across western disciplines, be it Barrel Racing, Cutting, Reining, or Roping. No matter the discipline, problems in performance can often be associated with pain rather than a training problem. The most talented horses are the ones that require the best joint management because they work their joints the hardest. These are the athletes that need Noltrex®Vet.

Last-minute treatments are rarely the answer in a successful program. When we consider the concept of long term joint management, injections should be predictable and planned events so that only a small amount of training is missed and we ensure all training is quality training.

For long duration joint lubrication in horses, use Noltrex®Vet.

  • Noltrex®Vet is not a drug
  • Fewer injections reduce the risk of complications from repeated injections
  • Noltrex®Vet is reabsorbed safely by your horse’s body, leaving no residue
  • Any joint can potentially benefit from Noltrex®Vet
  • Horses with Cushing’s Syndrome (PPID), metabolic issues, gastric ulcers (EGUS), or prior laminitis can all be treated safely with Noltrex®Vet

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