Return Policy

Nucleus must be notified within ten (10) business days of receipt of any Product with issues such as damages, irregularities, overages or shortages, and incorrect items received. Failure to notify Nucleus of any product issues within this timeframe will make the Product ineligible for return or credit and your receipt of Products shall be deemed an unqualified acceptance of those Products. All returns and credits for product will incur fees*.

Begin the return process by submitting a Return Authorization Form.

Approval of Return:
Nucleus will accept and credit your account for returned Products only if the return is approved and authorized by a Nucleus representative, prior to the return of the product, which will result in an Authorized Return Shipment (“ARS”) label and complaint return authorization form being generated for the request. By signing the complaint return authorization form, you guarantee that the Product(s) listed for return are unopened, unmarked, and had been stored according to package directions.

Credit of Returned Item(s):
A credit will not be issued if product is opened, marked, or found to not have been stored according to package directions. Credit for returned Product will not exceed the Product’s actual purchase price. Requests for returns of Product purchased 6 months or later will not be accepted

*Maximum credit of 50% of the sale price will be issued on returned Noltrex®Vet