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With over 62,000 doses now sold in North America, Noltrex Vet has become well integrated into the case management of a variety of osteoarthritis (OA) cases seen daily. This is certainly true of cases where horses have had less than an ideal response to more conventional therapies where clinicians choose Noltrex Vet to provide a more reliable outcome in advanced case management.

Given that Noltrex Vet has been proven to provide superior lubrication when compared to the hyaluronic acids (HA) used in equine practice , its ability to aggregate over cartilage defects as well as its longer residence time in the joint, it makes sense we are now seeing the adoption of Noltrex Vet use earlier in the management of OA. Using the product earlier enables the use of lower volumes of Noltrex Vet, especially when used in combination with standard anti-inflammatory agents such as steroids. The use of lower volumes, in cases where this is appropriate, also saves money and thus is more accessible in a greater number of cases!

Noltrex Vet is also the only polyacrylamide gel to be safely resorbed and completely removed from the joint and synovium over time and thus is safe to re-inject as needed.

Lower volume recommendations in the management of early disease cases and more conventional post-injection guidelines are defined within our NEW User Guide.

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