Master Series: The Medial Femorotibial Joint of the Stifle – A Deeper Dive

The medial femorotibial joint is one of the most complex, as well as frequently encountered, areas of concern for any equine athlete.

This deeper dive webinar will be a three-hour intensive look at different techniques used to localize lameness to the medial femorotibial joint, in-depth education on how to properly image the joint with ultrasound, and finally, a review of therapies and management techniques based upon specific pathologies diagnosed.

This course is designed to empower the sports medicine veterinarian with practical information and state-of-the-art capabilities to manage high-level athletes in the field.

This is a Round Table Summit of the top users of Noltrex®Vet over the last 5 years.  High-profile veterinarians from all disciplines of the horse industry will share their insight on case selection, techniques and expectations using Noltrex®Vet as a long duration therapy in athletes. If you like the “Deeper Dive” series of technical information on the use of Noltrex®Vet, then this 2-hour Summit is a must attend event!